The whole community rejoices as the school celebrates 20 years (and counting!) of nurturing big dreams!

This new school year 2023-2024 opens with a festive atmosphere as Little Children’s School observes its 20th founding anniversary. On June 3, 2023, the Preschool Moving Up Ceremonies also commemmorates the school’s beginnings 20 years ago.

In 2003, with a clear vision of establishing a preschool that would elevate the early childhood education experience of the children in the community, LCS opened its doors to the first batch of enrollees. It officially started on May 16, 2003, with the first school opening day taking place on June, 2003.

With just 17 enrollees as Nursery and Kinder pupils, utilizing four classrooms in the original campus in R.V. Marzan Building in Dimasalang cor Makiling Streets, Sampaloc, Manila and with only a handful of pioneer teachers and staff, the initial year of our dear school signaled the start of many program expansions, developments, milestones and stories of success.

Brain Gym® was introduced in the curriculum around 2008. The Early Intervention class was the first AcSSys program of LCS, starting in 2010. We added the Day Care program in 2017. In 2022, the school moved to the bigger, better designed, and more accessible campus at Maceda Street.

Throughout those two decades, LCS weathered challenges such as start-up and growing pains, and even the Covid-19 Pandemic. Yet over the years, the stories of success eclipse the trials.

“Every time we learn that our pupils earn accolades and honors in the big schools they go to after graduating from LCS, we feel so proud that we have contributed to their readiness to face the big world out there,” shared Mrs. Christine Reyes-Marzan, School Administrator. “And the greatest fulfillment, really, is when parents let us know how grateful they are to the school for the solid schooling foundation experienced by their sons and daughters. Some of the learning-challenged children who were part of our Inclusion program, in fact, went on and succeeded in big schools and even in college. That’s how we know we’re realizing our Vision and Mission,” she added.

With more plans for expansion and additional special programs –such as a possible therapy center for special children — while still staying true to the tradition and culture of excellence it has established, Little Children’s School is poised to nurture more socially adjusted and mentally alert students in the next decades to come!