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Readiness for higher learning is what we aim to achieve for your preschoolers at Little Children’s School. Though we know that learning letters, numbers and facts are important, our program encompasses more than that.

Children mainly learn Reading, Language and Math here, supported by Science, and includes Computer lessons. More importantly, we teach social-emotional skills, self-care, age-appropriate independence, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and innovation, and a love for lifelong learning. All these are taught using a Creative Play strategy of teaching, with English as the medium of instruction.

Using the right blend of traditional and progressive education, plus Brain Gym®, LCS hones preschoolers’ IQ, EQ, social quotient, and much more.

Policy on Parent Participation

We integrate families as part of the class life, as we believe that a child’s education is the primary responsibility of parents, while the school supports the development of the child by becoming their second home.

There are dynamic activities and events not just for the kids but also for the family to get involved in. When the child’s learning environment both at home and in school is positive, we can nurture socially adjusted, emotionally stable, mentally alert, and God-loving children.

Classes and Suggested Ages Per Level

Sunshine (Nursery): 3.1 to 4.0 years old

Braveheart (Kinder): 4.1 to 5.0 years old

Champ (Prep): 5.1 to 6.0 years old

Brain Gym

What is Brain Gym®?

A program that accesses and unlocks a person’s potentials by tapping the body intelligence, Brain Gym® was designed by Paul Dennison, PhD. It offers 26 quick, easy and fun movements that can address specific learning blocks. It was originally intended for children with learning concerns but is now used worldwide in many countries by both children and adults.

Dr. Dennison found that spatial awareness, a concept of wholeness and closure, the ability to focus attention, and perceive a structure are requisite learning skills—easily taught yet not often available to the children who need them. He discovered that these skills depend upon an innate understanding of our bodies and how they move in space. Continued and regular use of the movements lead to optimum performance in ALL areas.

Why and how does Brain Gym® work?

The movements encourage the growth of nerve cell extensions and the networking of these extensions. This is believed to enhance intelligence. In the Brain Gym© book itself, the program creator says that movement and learning are necessary companions. There are routines for specific skills such as reading comprehension and hand-eye coordination.    

The body movements also:

  • eliminate stress by relaxing the body and the mind. Less stress = more functionality of the brain.
  • heighten self-awareness, which in turn allows one to learn effectively from his/her experiences.
  • enhance a balanced state of mind, emotions and attitudes, through which a person can assimilate his experiences in a positive and productive way.

This educational kinesiology builds the student’s self-esteem as it helps the learner work through mental aspects as physical blocks are released.

Brain Gym® Education at LCS

The program is not in conflict with any educational program; it actually supports them by making the child ready and open to learning. Studies prove that children with learning challenges are significantly improved and benefited by the movements.

Little Children’s School uses Brain Gym® in close coordination and monitoring with Anima Christi Center, headed by Rizalina Ochoa, a licensed Brain Gym instructor.

ACSSYS, or Academic Support System

Mindful that there are a huge range of different special needs, disabilities and developmental delays among special children, we offer a special program at LCS that is tailored to meet their needs, facilitate learning for those who require additional support, and to help them thrive and move on to big schools.

This is for children aged 2 to 6 who exhibit mild developmental delays. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on their developmental status, they may be placed in our:

Inclusion Program: where the student learns alongside the regular students at school. This is for those who have mild cases of developmental delays, who can, with a little adjustment, get access to the general education curriculum. Usually, a ratio of 2:10 special child to regular student is allowed per class.

Early Intervention Program: this is a one-on-one teaching arrangement, for children who will most likely benefit from an individualized teaching procedure, technique and materials. Each class has a maximum of 3 to 4 students, with 1 teacher.

Play School

Children who are younger than 3 years old have their own set of learning to achieve, albeit an informal one. Here at LCS, Play Schoolers are given activities that develop their gross and fine motor skills; guided play that helps them learn to socialize; daily routines to develop their working behavior; and age-appropriate academics to jumpstart their cognitive advancement.


To aid the supplemental learning of students—whether to help them keep up or catch up with the lessons on their grade levels, or for enrichment purposes—LCS offers tutorial services. We use research- and experience-based teaching methodologies to maintain the teaching quality.

You may opt for one-on-one, or small group tutorial sessions for your child. These are all done in the comfort of your child’s second home here at LCS.

Day Care

No yaya? No worries! We’ll take care of your little ones…

If you’re like most working parents who are having difficulty finding someone to take care of your child while you are still in the office or work field, you need not worry anymore. Here at LCS Day Care, we have a limited number of children in our care, so we are able to provide a more personal, nurturing, and home-like atmosphere which all children need and deserve.

In 2017, LCS added it as an additional service for its students and the children in the community.

Our Day Care Center is not a preschool, but we conduct a full range of activities, too. Children can participate in free play, storytelling, creative arts, crafts, indoor play, and many more. Of course, nap time is incorporated in the schedule, too, as all children need rest.

Admission, Schedules, and Fees

Admission Requirements:

  • Birth Certificate (bring the original and leave a clear photocopy with us)
  • Baptismal Certificate, if applicable (clear photocopy)
  • Parents’ Marriage Contract, if applicable (clear photocopy)
  • ACR/ICR for non-Filipino citizens
  • Parents’ 2 Valid Ids (clear photocopy)
  • ID Pictures (size 1×1) for:
      • Student: 4 copies
      • Parents: 3 copies each parent
      • Possible fetchers (caregivers or relatives): 2 copies each

For School Year 2023 – 2024

Preschool classes begin on _____________.

Enrollment is from ____ to ________.

For AcSSys, Tutorials and Day Care schedule

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