About Us

Nurturing Young Minds with Big Dreams

School Philosophy

The school believes in, and uses, the child-centered approach. The curriculum design and course content are all focused on addressing the student’s unique learning needs, abilities and interests.

We tap the student’s learning styles to encourage the child to explore, discover, and learn according to his own level. Applying Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, LCS teachers are trained in a wide variety of ways of teaching to correspond to kids who are word smart; number smart; picture smart; body smart; music smart, people smart; self smart; or nature smart. These are done by utilizing cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, music, field trips, and many more. 

The goal for each child is big-school readiness, with critical thinking and problem solving skills, enthusiasm for learning, preparedness to face increasing social and emotional demands of growing up, and independence.

There is a fun and friendly environment, too. And because the classroom setting allows the children to become natural learners, their social and emotional development reach full potential, as well.

Welcome to LCS

Our Story

Like most inventions that are born out of necessity, Little Children’s School came about when a mom whose two kids were of preschool age at the time, had faced two scenarios: (1) enroll her precious ones in one of the nearby, conventional schools that follow traditional or even un-accredited curriculum, for its proximity to her home; or (2) let her kids endure the long ride to the next city to go to a school with a quality standard that is acceptable for this mom.

The answer for Christine Reyes-Marzan was a third (and at the time, only an ambitious) option: establish her own school within a few minutes away from her residence, to satisfy the two criteria: near and convenient, and at par with the standards of the high-end schools in the National Capital Region. After many drafts and revisions of the business plan; after many consultations with her family members; after a dozen or so informal discussions with other moms in the neighborhood; after several visits to possible venues, the idea was finally taking shape.

On May 16, 2003, Little Children’s School – Manila was officially incorporated. (Bonus criteria: it is not as expensive as other quality standard schools).

Its first campus was in the building of Teacher Christine’s in-laws: the R.V. Marzan Building in Dimasalang Street. There were less than 20 first enrollees; the curriculum was on its first stages of implementation; the Head Teacher was still very young at the time; and the question of whether it would succeed still hung in the air. But its Vision, Mission, and School Philosophy were already very solid and very clear: to provide a child-centered venue that helps kids make a smooth and successful transition and integration into the big schools, and embrace every kid’s learning differences.

Fast forward to today: Little Children’s School is the go-to institution for moms not only in the Sampaloc community but within the Manila City-Quezon City vicinity. It has carved a name for itself as a holistic venue for early childhood learning, with its special programs that include Play School, Preschool, AcSSys, Day Care, Tutorials, and the unique and world-class Brain Gym®.

Now in its new location with bigger and better facilities, strict security and safety measures, constantly improving curriculum that is future-ready, Little Children’s School continues to contribute to the whole-individual development of children who are happy, ready for the big school, well-adjusted socially, and have an enthusiasm to keep on learning.

Nurturing Young Minds with Big Dreams

Our Vision

To provide every child – including those who are learning-challenged — with the tools and opportunities they need to reach their full potential, while recognizing and accepting their uniqueness, so they can grow into a confident, well-rounded individual.

Our Mission

To carry out our vision, the school is committed to:

  1. Provide a dual-program of preschool and early intervention for those with developmental delays
  2. Empower students to develop holistically, including their mental, social, emotional, moral and spiritual growth, guided by our core values of integrity, honesty, and upholding of human dignity
  3. Support and encourage the vital role that a family plays in the child’s development, and work closely with parents to foster a nurturing environment
  4. Teach students mutual respect and understanding for all through their exposure to those who are learning-challenged and those with different personalities, needs and abilities

Location, Facilities, & Security Measures

Little Children’s School is inside a building located in a peaceful neighborhood in Manila. It is easily accessible to Manila and Quezon City dwellers. All the classrooms and areas boast of excellent, age-appropriate and modern facilities conducive to the children’s academic and social development.

The premises are safe and secure. Security guards man the gate and security cameras cover the whole vicinity. The teachers welcome the students when they come to school, and strictly release them only to authorized fetchers with school identification access cards. There is an organized system for parents who are fetching their kids; a welcoming atmosphere for conferring with the teachers, and multi-purpose spaces for various school activities.

The school aims for 1:12 adult to child ratio in the preschool department, the better to closely supervise kids’ learning as well as ensure the teachers really understand the uniqueness of each child.


What Our Families are Saying

Daddy Louie and Mommy Zarah

“Thank you for letting my son grow, not just academically but emotionally and socially as well. LCSM gave him a tremendous foundation. I can’t wait for my daughter to be part of LCSM, too.”

Daddy Aubrey and Mommy Elisel

“We are just so happy and satisfied that we have enrolled our daughter to a very outstanding school; being an OFW parents, our hard work and sacrifice are sure worth it and of course we highly recommend LCSM to all parents who wants to give a very good study ground for their children.”

Daddy Mike and Mommy Marily

“LCSM exceeded our expectations that even we lived afar and if we were to long-drive daily to bring our son to school, we wouldn’t mind. It’s worth the effort. Thank you LCSM.”